EMCO WakeOnLan Free

EMCO WakeOnLan Free 2.0

Creates up to 2 tasks to wake up remote PCs on schedule
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This Wake-on-LAN (WOL) utility allows you to power up network PCs quickly and easily. It automates all Wake-on-LAN stages from collecting MAC addresses to sending WOL packets and can be used in networks of any kind. The application is available in two editions.

The Free edition allows you to scan a network and discover PCs available in the workgroups and domains. This edition of the program allows you to select up to 5 network PCs and send them a Wake-on-LAN packet to power them up remotely. Wake-on-LAN is initiated on multiple selected PCs simultaneously to reduce the wake-up time.

This edition allows you to create up to 2 tasks to wake up remote PCs on schedule. You can schedule a wake-up for one-time or recurrent execution. This edition works as a Windows program, so you need to keep it running in an active Windows user session to execute scheduled tasks. If you log off from Windows or reboot the PC, the program is closed and the scheduled tasks aren't executed.

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